A couple of Mathjax questions

It’s great that write.as includes Mathjax support, but there are a couple of things I’d like to be able to do and can’t figure out how or if I can.

First, how to proofread? Mathjax isn’t rendered in the Rich Editor. Nor is it rendered in Anonymous posts (why not?). I find it next to impossible to write math without making a mistake somewhere and on WordPress I was used to looking at the preview of the post repeatedly until the math was right. On write.as I can’t see any option but to publish the mistake-ridden post, view it, and then go in and correct it. That’s not good!

I guess in principle one could use a separate Markdown editor that has Mathjax support — is there one for Linux? Surely must be but I don’t know — but that would rely on its rendering things the same way write.as does, and in particular it’d have to understand \( and \) as inline math delimiters.

Second, if I’m viewing a post (not editing it) that contains math, and if I right-click on a math expression it offers to let me copy it as MathML or as TeX source. That’s fine. But how can I copy a paragraph or other excerpt that contains both text and math? Dragging only selects the text, the math isn’t highlighted and does not appear as MathML or TeX source or image or anything else in the copy. If it’s my own post I can edit it and copy the source, but is there any way to copy part of a post I can’t edit, other than by selecting and copying each bit of math separately and then trying to paste it all together in the right order? Wordpress copies the math parts as images, and that’s not ideal for all use cases, but it’s something.

I described my MathJax workflow in this post. In short, I edit and preview using an online LaTex editor with MathJax support, then apply the syntax fixes Write.as requires.

But I wish Write.as provided full post preview with support for rendering all the supported formatting features, including MathJax.

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