8 years promotion geo restricted?

I noticed the 8 year promotion price on the ios app is 8.99 USD, 9 CHF. But in Europe it appear to be 10.99 euro. Is the promotion geo restricted to not include Europe?

I’m in Italy and the promotion was listed at $180 but, when I made the purchase, I was billed $240. It’s still a good deal but I’m curious on whether anything went wrong.

No, not on purpose, but will look into what’s going on there when I get a chance.

I just checked and it looks like you were charged the correct $180… Where are you seeing $240? Likely something that just didn’t sync up in the app.

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Thanks, I’m seeing it under Billing as in the screenshot:

I’m in Australia and have a similar message. But more alarming is the fact that it cancelled my current 1-year Pro subscription and unpublished my Blog!

Sorry about that – just fixed that for you!

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Just a heads up it is still 10.99 euro in Europe, which is just short of $12.
Any chance of enabling the 8 year promo for Europeans before feb 16th?

I just checked, and it looks like this has to do with App Store pricing, unfortunately. Right now, the app is set to a lower price tier for all countries (including in Europe), but the amount isn’t exactly equal to what you see in the US. As far as I know, often this is due to differences in taxes, exchange rates, etc. in different countries. E.g. here’s the current App Store pricing tier in both the US and Italy:

Looking at this, it seems you’d normally pay €14.99 for the app in Italy – so you can still get a discount on the app until the 16th. It’s just not going to perfectly match the $9 price here.

That is so unfair.
pay 8.99 and you get 7.64
pay 10.99 and you only get 7.59
Looks like apple is ripping off people in Europe? If the tax argument would be it, you shoud get more from EUR then in USD, because 8,99*1,22=10,21USD=9,51EUR and not 10.99 EUR …

Seeing this I’d quite happily pay write.as $10 direct and get the app on the app store for free. Maybe that’s a thought to consider?

Yeah, this is the joy of building on these locked-down mobile ecosystems :slightly_smiling_face: No one sets the rules besides Apple, so they get to do what they want and we largely have to accept it.

Unfortunately it’d be too much work for me to manually sell the app outside the store that way. And anyway I’m sure it goes against Apple’s terms, so we’d risk the app (and our whole company) getting taken off the App Store, which I’d like to avoid.