8 years of Write.as

Today marks 8 years since Write.as launched :tada:

To celebrate, we’re having a sale on our 5-year subscription and iOS app for the next two weeks! You can read about it on our Deals newsletter:

I also wrote a post about where we’re at today, and looking ahead:


Congratulations on the eight year milestone. Just wanted to ask if we can expect some desktop apps for the platform anytime soon? I see that there is currently a linux app which is paid I think but no sale prices for it? Sure on a desktop we can always sign-in and start writing on a browser but an app would be such a convenience (just a little but still).

All the very best for future Matt :grinning:

The Add-ons section of my account lists a $25 price for the Linux Desktop App:

I had a pro subscription that was valid until November 2023. I was excited by 8 year anniversary offer to grab a 5 year subscription at 25% off. I clicked through and upgraded and now my account is showing that it’s no longer active as a Pro account and my blog has been unpublished!

It looks like we just received the events for switching over your current subscription in an unexpected order, which caused this issue. Just fixed that for your account (8 years promotion geo restricted? - #6 by matt) and made sure it won’t happen for anyone else going forward.

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Thanks @matt! I really appreciate it.

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