403 Error fetching js and css files

Hello! I first want to say thank you everyone on this forum for the helpful tips and tricks to getting a blog up and running!

I’m trying to run writefreely behind a nginx reverse proxy. Using the “‘Slightly’ Less simple install How To”, I’ve got the server up and running and can access writefreely via my domain name, but none of the static assets are loading. I’m getting a 403 error for all of them.

I’ve tried playing around with Nginx and permissions, to no avail. Do you have any ideas what the problem might be?

If this is helpful, my server is hosted in DigitalOcean, I’m logging into the server as root, and Nginx is running as www-data.

Hey, does the www-data user have access to those static assets? I’d check the permissions on the WriteFreely installation directory (run ls -l), the static directory within it, and the files within that too. Even if that user doesn’t own the fields, those particular files can at least be “world readable.”

What do you see in access log?

If it’s RHEL/CentOS box, you might run into SELinux restriction. See my post here (in particular - SELinux section).