4 Questions about Email Subscription

Hi. I have some questions on the Email Subscription capability.

  1. Can a subscriber respond to an email blog post? Or, do I have access to using the write.as email address which delivers blog posts-- such as nameofblog@writeasletters.com?

  2. Otherwise, should I list my own dedicated email address on my site for subscribers who wish to email me directly? I’m thinking maybe I could add my dedicated email address at the end of every blog post, along with the subscribe button.

  3. I thought I could add code in the edit mode: < !–emailsub-- > – in order to make the subscription button show up without the verbiage above it that says, "“Enter your email to subscribe to updates.” Is this possible? I would either prefer no verbiage above the subscribe button, or the ability to add my own words above the button. Is either possible?

  4. Lastly, can I have access to my blog email list? Or is that option yet available? I’m not certain how that has been developed.

Thank you!


Good questions. I’d like some clarity on these items too.

  1. If a subscriber answers to the mail, you will receive his mail in your mail attached to your write.as account.

You need to keep private the mail address to send posts: this address is for delivering posts only.

  1. It’s possible and that’s what I did. No spam so far with a Gmail address.

  2. I don’t know.

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@sfss is right for #1 & #2. While people can respond to an email blog post, you can only reply to these messages with your own dedicated email address.

#3 can be accomplished with some JavaScript. Here is what you could use:

// Removing text from Email Sub

if (document.getElementById("emailsub") !== null) {
    var esub = document.getElementById('emailsub');
    var text = esub.getElementsByTagName('p')[0].innerHTML = '';

From there you can add a custom message in the post above the <!--emailsub-->. If you don’t want it to be blank but a different message, you could replace the text with your own custom message like so:

// Removing text from Email Sub (with custom message)

if (document.getElementById("emailsub") !== null) {
    var esub = document.getElementById('emailsub');
    var text = esub.getElementsByTagName('p')[0].innerHTML = 'Add custom message here';

As far as #4 goes, there is no option to access your blog email list right now.

Hope that all helps @writedirt . Do me know if you have further questions from there.


cjeller1592, thank you…If I use an email service in order to have access to my email list, would my posts still be emailed automatically every time I post? Or would I have to then send them out manually?

Once activated, it is automatic.

No problem @writedirt!

It would be sent automatically if the person signed up on both the email subscription form and a form provided by the email service (Mailchimp, etc.). It would not send to someone on the email service list if they did not subscribe to your blog via the email subscription form provided Write.as.

Hope that makes sense!

Thank you, cjeller1592. Does Write.as allow subscribers to subscribe to particular tags within a blog – or to the whole blog only? Either way is fine with me…

I think having two signup forms would definitely be confusing. – I’m thinking I can provide an actual email address for inquiries, (along with the Write.as subscribe form). If I do provide an actual email address, such as writedirt@writedirt.com, will it show up on the page as a hyperlink to email from?

And to clarify, if someone does respond by email to my blog, then at that point I do have access to that specific email address, correct?

Thank you!

Email subscriptions are for the whole blog only. You can, however, get the RSS feed of a tag of a blog like this: https://write.as/blog/tag:changes/feed/

So in that way, you could subscribe to particular tags within a blog - it’s just through RSS.

For providing an email on the page, you just need to use a Markdown link like so:


And if someone responds to an email from your blog, it is forwarded to the email that you signed up with for your Write.as account.

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Thanks, cjeller1592. That is great. What if I want to change the email I signed up with? Is that possible?

It’s the email address in your account settings, so I’m going to presume changing that address in your settings is all you need to do. There is no separate email address associated with W.a Letters, afaik. I’m not 100% sure, but give it a try.

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Yes: click on your username, then on “account settings”.

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@nibl & @sfss are correct - you can change your email from your account settings. Use this link to do so. Let us know if that works @writedirt!

Ah, thank you, cjeller1592, et al. : )

cjeller1592, regarding #3 above – (changing the subscribe button verbiage) – can I add any formatting to the verbiage, such as boldface text or changing alignment of text?

Hi @writedirt! You can add formatting such as italics or boldface. To do so you’ll use HTML like so:

This is how you use <strong>boldface</strong>.

This is how you use <i>italic</i>.

What did you have in mind for alignment of text? Did you not want the text to be cenetered?

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cjeller1592, I wasn’t sure about alignment. I’m thinking now I will leave it to the left. But doesn’t it make sense to put everything into one line of code like you showed in this topic

Then just change the align from center to left if I want?

One last question about the email subscription button < !–emailsub-- >.

Is there any way to make it show up smaller on the page? I keep thinking it looks too large in proportion to the rest of the text on my blog page.

Hi @writedirt, you’re correct about putting it on one line - I just did that to show an example of both italicized and bolded text. And yes, then just change the alignment!

As far as the last question about the email subscription button goes, all you have to do adjust the font sizes of the email subscription form to make it smaller. You can use the following CSS and adjust the size to your preference:

#subscribe-btn, input[type=email] {
 font-size: 0.5em;

Let me know if that helps!


Okay, cjeller1592, I want to make sure I understand a couple of basic starting points.

The subscribe button is automatically placed at the bottom of the blog page, correct?

You are telling me to insert the CSS to adjust the subscription button size into the CSS box under “Customize,” correct?

That seems to work, but at the same time why is the subscribe button I add to another page a different than the one on the blog page?

Perhaps it’s tied to the fact that the blog page fonts look small compared to the font size on my other pages? I don’t recall the font on the blog page looking smaller than the other pages. I wonder if I accidentally did something to the CSS? Or is it supposed to be that way?

Can you see what I mean here? https://write.as/thewritedirt/

I’m just trying to understand how