301 redirect to perferred domain

I have www.myblog.com working, but it would be nice if I could have write.as respond to requests for myblog.com as well, with a 301 redirect to www.myblog.com, in case anyone types in my domain lazily.

Thanks, this is good feedback!

It actually works the other way around today – if you set your DNS settings for both www.myblog.com and myblog.com to Write.as, and myblog.com (without www) is your preferred domain, we’ll redirect the www version to it. Just hadn’t thought of doing it in the opposite direction – but it should be fairly easy to support.

That’s useful to know; I didn’t see that in the docs (I may have missed it). I’ll need to add some DNS settings now, then. Thanks!

You didn’t miss it – just a hidden feature :slight_smile: Definitely need to document it.

Would you prefer the current behavior over the www.myblog.com version being your preferred URL, as you mention here?

Documentation would be great!

I would prefer myblog.com redirect to www.myblog.com (I’m in the yes-www camp) but if others don’t, that’s fine too, but it should be explained in the documentation and possibly configurable.

I think it just needs to be clear what the behavior is; I’m still not sure how I got the www working, other than that just didn’t configure DNS for no-www for my blog and named my blog ‘www.myblog.com’ explicitly when setting up that identity in write.as.

Does this help? I’m not sure I fully understood your question.