WriteFreely SwiftUI Multiplatform App (Mac, iPhone, iPad)

Following up on the WriteFreely Swift package, I’m happy to announce that work is starting on a WriteFreely client app for Mac, iPhone, and iPad!

We’re building this as a SwiftUI multiplatform app targeting iOS/iPadOS 14 and macOS 11, coming this fall. This is a totally new way to build apps for Apple platforms, and I’m personally pretty excited by the idea of being able to build apps for three different devices out of a common codebase.

The goal is to launch this on the App Stores in time for the release of iOS 14 and macOS 11. That’s a tight deadline, so we’re limiting the initial scope of the app to a subset of actions that are most important to WriteFreely users:

  • logging into your WriteFreely account
  • creating a new draft locally
  • publishing local drafts to the server, either as a draft or to a collection
  • updating your published drafts

If you’re interested in helping build this, the source code is in this GitHub repo — the project is open to developers of all experience levels, just let me know in this forum topic!


This is great news. I am looking forward to it. Its the one thing thats lacking at the moment. Thanks.


I posted a little update on how things are going: https://write.as/angelo/the-promise-vs-reality-of-swiftui-multiplatform