Write As Apps for Mac and Smartphones

As far as I understand the WriteAs apps for iPone, iPad and Android do not allow you to write and publish on your own Write As site.

Is there a workaround for this? Or a third party app that does this?

I assume the above feature is in demand, so I was wondering if the Write As team had a rough time line?

Thank you.

The best workaround for now would be using the web browser. You can even add the website to your home screen on iPhone, iPad, and Android, making it easier to access.

We’re also developing components to help outside developers create mobile apps now – it’s definitely something we’d love to see more of! And we plan to support Micropub in the near future, which is a publishing protocol that will allow you to use great writing apps like iA Writer.

Otherwise I do want to launch updated first-party apps, but just don’t have a solid timeline on that. Will keep you updated here as that changes!


Being able to publish from iA writer would be a dream for me. Fingers crossed for this development


+1 for iA Writer support, via Micropub. It would be amazing.

Great to know that you all would appreciate Micropub support! We will be tracking development there on T374.

In the meantime, we’ve actually started development on a Mac, iPhone, and iPad app that we hope to have finished this summer! More info / discussion here:

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