What is the Theme used on the main Write.As website?

Hello Everyone,

I am thinking about trying Write.As. I know if I use it then it will be a Pro account.

The only theme I seem to like is the main Write.As website here https://write.as

Does anyone know if this theme is available as an option? If so, how can I use it if I am on a Pro account? I didn’t see it listed on the Themes library.

Thank you.

Hey @RyanUK! The default theme on Write.as is pretty close to the styling on the main website – but which aspects are you looking for in particular? Maybe the different choices of fonts for headers and body text, and the normal-weight headers, etc.?

Let me know and we can put together a theme for you; it’s definitely possible to get the same look on your blog.

Thank for the quick reply. I just signed up for a Pro Trial. Let me play around with it and I’ll be in touch. :slight_smile:

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Hi @matt , I have had a play with the platform. I like it a lot. You are right, the default theme and the main website theme is similar. However, the main difference I see as:

  1. Font Size - the font size on headings and main body. I am assuming this would have to be via CSS? If so, could you share a CSS code that I could paste or edit?

  2. Logo or Front Section - the ability to add a logo or even a basic cover page or even a “section” like this https://prnt.sc/sugn3v

  3. Photos - when you share or embed photos on the default theme the photos seem a lot smaller. Is there a code or way we could size them. I don’t mind if I have to host photos elsewhere in order to do this, although not ideal.

  4. Also the the main website seems to be wider and the default themes all seem to have a much narrow margin. I have looked at it on multiple screens. Thanks.

I have to say one more thing. Although I am familiar with Wordpress and I have WP sites for over 10 years, I am not developer or coder, and no the very basics, even though I do everything myself. But if I see instructions. Thank you.

Hi @RyanUK!

  1. Yep, adjusting font size on the headings & main body is via Custom CSS. Here’s a couple code blocks you can use to adjust the size of the blog title, the post title, and the main body. The sizes listed are filler, so make them whatever you’d like.
/* Blog Title */

#blog-title {
    font-size: 1.7em;

/* Post Title */
body #post article h2#title  {
    font-size: 1.5em;

/* Main Body */

body, article {
    font-size: 1.2em !important;
  1. While you can’t add a cover page, you can add a logo to your blog. This forum post outlines the code needed to do that:
  1. There’s definitely a way to resize your photos to appear larger. I’d personally recommend @Aris’ solution which makes the image’s width larger, sort of like how photos on Medium look. He’s posted instructions & code in the post below. If that’s not what you’re looking for there’s definitely other ways that we can make that happen.
  1. For making the width wider, you can use the below code & adjust as needed. This is what Aris’s blog uses to get the wider margins from his theme:
#collection article,#post article,#subpage #wrapper h1,#subpage article,#wrapper {
  max-width: 860px !important;

Thank you so much. That has helped me a lot. Its made a big difference to the appearance of my page. :slight_smile:

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