Ulysses App Users: Please Request Integration with Write.as!

If you are a Ulysses App user and would love seamless integration with write.as for publishing, please email them and request it (they’ve done this for Ghost. just recently). Their email: help@ulysses.app


Good call @DeaconPatrick! In the meantime there could be a way to work with the Write.as API or CLI tool to create a temporary solution until Ulysses makes an official integration. It is something to look into for sure.

Found out I can copy from Ulysses as Markdown, so that makes things easier:

In order to copy Markdown content from Ulysses to write.as, select the text you want to copy, then press ⌥⌘C (option-command-C) to copy the text as Markdown. In write.as, you can then paste the text. Alternatively, you can use the menu Edit › Copy as › Markdown. Copying using regular ⌘C will only copy a plain-text representation of the text.


awesome! so does that solve Single v. Double "Return" for you?

I think most markdown requires a new line between different elements, or sometimes a double space at the end but that seems worse.

hmmm… I am new to write.as

tried copy as Markdown but the links embbed in Ulysses markdown do not go across correctly. They are showing up like [“link”] (www.link.com) and not like link

@fuzzygel , Try making sure there is no space between LINK.

@DeaconPatrick I also use Ulysses and integration would be great. But, honestly there are other items I would like them to address first before any other integrations, which would make writing even more pleasurable.

  • their sync still has and when emailing support, they usually default to say iCloud is the problem. While iCloud has issues, I have been able to use iA Writer without issue when they claim iCloud is the cause.

  • still no table support.

  • a more simplistic way to resize images would be helpful

  • the integration with Wordpress is still not perfect and honestly not sure if it is my Wordpress configuration or Ulysses markdown implementation.

Those are the ones I can think of as of now, but there are others.

I will support a request to add it though with their feedback option.