Since Coil is going out of business, will there be a new web monetization system?

Hi everyone. I just love Writefreely and I’ve dabbled in enabling the web monetization option but I just read that is closing its doors on March 15.

Are there any plans on replacing the coil web monetization with something else? I think it’s a great feature.

Thanks in advance.


Though Coil will be shutting down, work on the Web Monetization standard will carry on with the Interledger Foundation. So we plan to continue supporting that in WriteFreely going forward.

I’m meeting with folks at Interledger in a couple weeks, and should have some more details on what that will mean for everyone then. I’ll update you here when I have more info!

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Fantastic news to hear Matt! I’m looking forward to any outcome because I think it’s a smart thing to do.

Thanks for the great platform BTW.

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A few months later… and I’m wondering what support exists for Web Monetization. I’ve gone to the Interledger Foundation website, but what I see there seems to be oriented towards developers. How can a content creator monetize their blog?

Of course, what I mean here is how to use micropayments with my instance of writefreely. I already know about ko-fi, Patreon, etc., etc., etc.