Share what you are working on and using!


Hey everyone,

Just want to give a space for people to share cool projects people they’ve come up with or seen for apps, instances, extensions, hacks, whatever.

I can stir the pot with a little hack I use with

When you create a post that includes a topic/thought you want to write about later, link it to Could be something like, ‘The Catena Aurea is an example of a form of biblical commentary called the catena.’

That way, when you’re ready to write about catenas, you can immediately go into the editor, create a post, and replace the link with the post you just published. This helps me think through ideas without feeling stuck. A post not existing isn’t a 404 but an invitation to create the post you were looking for.

Would love to see what else everyone is working on and using!


First, it is rare to see Saint Thomas’ steller commentary mentioned in any circles, yet alone as an example of a tech issue! Saint Neumann would be delighted! Grin.

Second, isn’t a link to a blank page confusing to the reader? What if you used a hashtag catena, perhaps with a hashtag distillery (or whatever you call your bin of yet completed writing)?

Deacon Patrick, whose recent post quotes the Golden Chain extensively.


Hi Deacon Patrick!

You are totally right. I should’ve prefaced that the technique is more for using like a personal notebook than anything public facing.

A hashtag would work much better in that scenario if it were on a public blog. I haven’t tried using them yet with but I imagine the possibilities would be endless: topics that make up little collections within a collection. A hashtag distillery sounds much better though!