Well, I originally tired it in a remix of one of yours, I don’t remember which one.

Of note: should WF/W.a ever get native search, please don’t do it like this Glitch kludge where you can’t link to search results. Linking to search results is a must-have.

Definitely agree with you there @bix! What is the Glitch app that isn’t linking to search results? Are you referring to this one?

Any of them. I’m talking about how the search results page is still just that base search URL, which means you can’t give someone a link to that search.

Meanwhile I have just discovered this search is not picking up all relevant posts. Not sure why, but there’s no question it failed to find a particular post that does exist.

Got it! Great find on the search result link by the way. I was able to change it so that now you get a sharable link for a search result like this. Still needs a little work though.

I am curious about the search not picking up all relevant posts. It just looks up the query within the text rather broadly (even within words - which should change honestly). What was the query and particular post it failed to pick up?

If you search for


two posts should come up, only one does.

Also, how do I incorporate your search-results-have-a-URL fix into my remix?

So, I think that there’s a cutoff somewhere and either the Glitch app or the API is not searching the entire database of my posts but only back some number of posts. I think this because in the time since I first asked about missing results I have posted several more posts, and now no results return when searching for ‘kickstarter’. @matt?

Hey @bix, I think I found the problem. The Glitch app was not searching the entire database of your posts. It was set up to run through a blog programmatically, grabbing posts for an assigned number of pages (10 posts per page).

Initially, the app was set up to look through 50 pages - 500 posts. Your blog has 531 as of now, so some posts didn’t make the cut. Hence the missing results.

I bumped up the page count for you so that you don’t have to worry about that cut off again. Now the ‘kickstarter’ results show.