Scheduled Posts?


WordPress lets us schedule posts to be automatically published in the future. Would like this feature.


It’s possible to schedule posts today with this workflow:

  1. Publish a post
  2. Press “Edit”
  3. Click the small “i” icon near the top-right corner of the editor
  4. Change the “Created” date to the future date when you want the post published

If you want to avoid having your post show up on your blog at all, you can instead publish the post as “Anonymous” (Draft on WriteFreely), follow these steps, and then move your post to your blog.

For developers, you can also set the created date on a newly published post, so if you’re building a publishing client, you can set this value to start with.

Otherwise, we might build some kind of “social media manager”-type plugin in the future that adds a published post date picker to the editor, so this is easier.