Revert blog posts to drafts

Is there a way to revert a blog post back to a draft? I’d like to take a post down, rewrite it (which may take a while), and then move it back to the blog with the same timestamp.

I could of course copy/paste it to a text editor on my computer, delete the blog, and then create a new blog/draft but that seems unnecessarily complicated.

When you go to your post, you have the option to turn a published post into an “anonymous” one, which means the post will be hidden from public view unless the URL of the post is shared publicly.

Once a post is made anonymous, you can go ahead and make the necessary edits and then proceed to publish it back in your main blog. I hope this is what you’re looking for. If not, need to wait till Matt or other experienced users to get back to you.

Thank you for your reply, silentwriter. “Anonymous” is called “Draft” in WriteFreely. Unfortunately I don’t see an option to revert from Post to Draft. Maybe it’s not possible with WriteFreely. If that’d be the case, I’ll ask for it to be a feature request.

you have to go to homepage of your blog, and hover the pointer over the title of the article you want to edit, then click on “change to draft”

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Oh course! How did I miss that!? Thank you!

EDIT I just tried this out. When clicking on the title to edit the draft, there’s a “this file doesn’t exist” error. I had to move it back to the blog and edit from there.

So yes, this was the right answer but with a bug.