Remove Branding from Footers


Would like a premium option to remove the logo/link from the footers.


body footer nav {display:none}

Might sort that for you in your Custom CSS rules.


It worked! Thanks!

Question: Is there a way to add some text under the horizontal line/rule that is at the bottom of my pages now?



Not without adding HTML. Because you have hidden the body footer nav it is now, well, hidden…

Via JScript - probably… @Aris or @matt would be better placed to inform on this, than I.

Via CSS - What you could do is write body footer nav a {display:none;} this would hide the link but leave the powered by ref.

Then add to your CSS rules: body footer nav::after {content: 'xyz';}


@DLKR @lhl

I’m not a JS guru :sunglasses: I can just hack @matt code…

Here is an example custom footer after the content area…

1Insert your content in the JavaScript

var topP = document.createElement("p");
// = "center";
topP.innerHTML = '<hr><div class="custom-nav"><a href="">Mastodon</a> // <a href="">Blog</a> // <a href="#">Haut de page</a></div>';
var cont = document.getElementById("wrapper");
if (cont !== null) {
    // Add to blog index and tag pages
} else {
    // Add to individual blog post page
    cont = document.getElementById("post-body");
    cont.insertAdjacentHTML("afterend", topP.outerHTML);

2Customize the CSS

.custom-nav {
  text-align: center;
  text-transform: uppercase;
  font-family: 'Open Sans', 'Segoe UI', Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif;
  color: #666;
.custom-nav a:link, .custom-nav a:visited, .custom-nav a:hover, .custom-nav a:active {
   color: #eee;
.custom-nav a:hover, .custom-nav a:active {
   text-decoration: underline;

You can see the result on my tech blog… à the bottom of the page.

Note 1 — The custom content must be placed in this JS string:


Note 2 — This is inserted before the normal footer (" published with") because… I don’t know how to insert this after with JS.

All this is just a dirty hack from Matt’s code here: