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A few people have mentioned wanting to preview posts before they publish, so I wanted to see who else would be interested – please feel free to vote or comment on this if you’d like to see this feature.

Right now, you can preview posts by simply publishing a post to see how it looks, then going back to edit it.

But for a dedicated “preview” feature, I’m thinking the best way to do it will be a browser extension. This would make the feature optional, and avoid adding more complexity to the editor. In the future it could also be changed slightly to work with,, etc. and maybe even editors. What do you think?

I like the optional browser extension idea better than adding complexity to the editor. So I favor your approach. This is not a feature that I personally have a need for.

I’ve just started with writefreely and preview was part of missing features.

With Fediverse publiciation it is strange to publish and edit after if there was some mistakes.

Why not for an extension but I’d prefer an integrated “eye” which shows the result.

With WriteFreely, you can publish/view as a Draft before committing.

I’ve tested on but I’ve not found how to do it … I’ll check on WriteFreely side.

I would love a preview option and it could be a browser extension. I usually use one of those “paste to markdown” website to check if my formatting was okay before posting.

@valvin On you publish anonymously first. The post is invisible on your blog timeline, on your RSS feed and not not federated. After you can move it manually to your blog…


Oh I see the trick but it is not very intuitive.

Why not something like Typora which render on the fly markdown ?

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1- Yes, publish anonymous post then move it to your blog is confusing… at the begining.

2- My personnal worlflow: I write my post in Typora, after I publish to…

But I don’t think @matt is on the way to integrate a wysiwyg editor in Write Freely, because this project need to be simple & minimalist… Not a big & bold CMS.

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On I can press Ctrl+P to show a preview of my blog with all the formatting applied. And the killer thing is that its instantaneous! I think you need good coding and maths support for technical computing people like me! And the custom url is a killer feature!

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@matt, to get normies using, you’ll need to offer a simple writing experience like Medium - full WYSIWYG. Normies aren’t going to want to learn markdown or figure out how to use a separate image host like

Similarly, for the various customization possibilities, you’ll want to be more like Wix - full WYSIWYG with selectable options. Normies don’t have the patience to learn CSS.

Of course, you’ll want to continue letting the purists use markdown and CSS, but normies need a completely code-free experience.


We are currently working on an extension for previewing posts on & WriteFreely! It is planned to work for Chrome, FireFox, and (hopefully) Safari. Here is an sneak peek of the extension in action:


Thanks as always for your feedback and please continue to leave some along with questions.