Posting images in WriteFreely

Hi all, I’m coming over from which I had been using for decades – it was becoming bloatware for me, and WriteFreely seems great as a Federated writing tool.

I am not very technical, but I followed directions from Marius (thanks, Marius!) to set up my own WriteFreely site on my Synology NAS, and everything appears to be running fine.

What I’m wondering, however, is how to post images? Is the only way to do this currently? I set up a Pixelfed thinking I’d be able to link them into my posts that way, but it only shows as a little generic image icon when I insert them in.

Any help is much appreciated! I’m eager to restart my blog on a Federated WF.

I store my images on Dropbox. At first, I shared the images using Dropbox and changed each URL to end in raw=1 instead of dl=0. but now I’ve switched to hiding Dropbox behind my domain name. See How to store image for blog posts in cloud storage.

There’s an older thread at Good places to host images other than that has some suggestions.