Open links in a new tab

Is Opening Links in new Tabs is not supported in the Markdown?

Usually, If you still want to open links in new Tabs, you can then use the following code for your links:


Hi @zorbazelda! At the moment it is not supported in the current Markdown. I’d recommend using HTML instead:

<a href="" target="_blank">Hello, world!</a>

If you wanted to get more technical, you could add Custom JS to your site (if you have a Pro subscription) that would make each link on your blog open in a new tab. That way you could use Markdown normally and not have to use the above HTML. That JS would look something like this:

var links = document.links;

for (var i = 0, linksLength = links.length; i < linksLength; i++) {
   if (links[i].hostname != window.location.hostname) {
       links[i].target = '_blank';

But the you mention would be a perfect suggestion to put in this topic where we are exploring different Markdown standards/options to implement in Thanks for bringing this up and hope this answers your question!