Master account/blog vs secondary blog changability

From issue #257:

I just discovered you can not change the handle of a “secondary” blog on WriteFreely.

There should be some warning when setting up a secondary blog that the handle is set and there is no going back, because if you made a blog first and could change it you have now learned that blog handles are changeable and you would expect it to work a second time.

I think the best way to solve this, design-wise, will be simply letting people change the handle of these blogs. Since that’s a new bit of functionality, I’ve moved this here.

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Glad to hear you are down to just have all names changeable.

I guess this gets us back to my original “bug” I posted which is, if you change your name currently you loose all follower/connections in federation.

I think its a bit weird to call it a feature request. I think how it is currently set up could be accurately described as a bug because it does not function how one would expect.

For that original issue, the classification comes down to scope.

If it’s a bug, it’s a bug within the entire ActivityPub ecosystem, and less in WriteFreely itself. That’s why I’ve classified it more as a feature request – which in this case is synonymous with “new development needed” – because WriteFreely is doing all that it can within the current limitations of other AP platforms.

I’d note that this is unlike the post slug issue you reported, which we can do something about from our end.

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