Images rotated when uploading from iphone

In essence, the problem is that when photos are taken on a phone and uploaded to, these images are rotated on upload. This can be worked around by cropping the images on the phone before uploading them.

I’m bumping this issue because unless this issue gets fixed, is going to be useless for me.

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I found a solution I was okay with.

So when the images has been uploaded to the desktop, I open them in gimp (v2.8.22). Then gimp will ask to rotate image. Press yes. Then go to file and “export as imagename.JPG”.

Any solution for a mobile phone? I am having this issue and I haven’t found a way to fix this from the supply side yet.

Hey @vega, I’ve posted an update in that thread about this being fixed on our end now: How to rotate images - #14 by matt