I love the Themes blog!

Just noticed the Themes blog for the first time and I’m excited! Great idea! I’m looking for a way to improve the look of my blog(s) without spending my limited free time testing various “hacks” and edits. Copying a theme seems like a perfect solution.

I haven’t tested it yet, but is it as easy as changing themes in Wordpress? What am I to expect?

Please continue to make it easy for people (like me) to focus on content … that also looks appealing. Thank you.

Hi @jasoncomely!

For themes, it will be as easy as copy and pasting the CSS into the Custom CSS box on your blog’s Customize page. Feel free to watch this quick screencast to see what the process looks like in action.

The only thing that might be different is that some themes include logos or custom links that you will have to swap out with your own. Otherwise it is plug and play! I would be happy to help out with anything if need be.

We are glad you like it too! What you mention about making it easy for people to write while having an appealing blog is exactly why we started the Themes blog. Super excited to see what happens with it!


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