I forgot my username, but I know my mail... how to login?

Hi! I think the last time I logged in, I changed my username and didn’t save it somewhere. Now I am logged out everywhere and can’t login, because I only know my mail address.

I am on 5 years pro tier and didn’t have the chance to use it until now.

Please help!!

If you’ve forgotten your username but know your email address, look for a “Forgot Username” option on the login page. Enter your email address, follow the instructions in the email you receive, and recover your username. If you need further assistance, contact the support team.

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OP didn’t say where they are trying to log in, but if it is write.as, there is no such option on the write.as login page.

There’s a “Forgot password?” link that leads to a password reset form which requires the username to be entered.

They should have that option had to create an aacount from a seperate email because of this.

Hey, just send me a private message or an email from the email address on your account and I can look up your username for you!