I cannot follow my blog if I use it as the subdomain of my Mastodon server

Hello! Firstly, nice blog app you have created! Very clean visual, and it’s awesome that it uses ActivityPub!

It was straightforward to install it (blog.eza.link) on the same server I am running a Mastodon instance (eza.link).

If I try to follow the blog, @everton137@blog.eza.link, from my unique account, @me@eza.link, it shows as if the request is pending. But when I try to follow it from another Mastodon account I have, @everton137@vivaldi.net, it works well, and I can see the new blog posts on my timeline and on the list of profiles I follow. I also asked some people that follow me to check, and they confirm that it’s possible to follow my WriteFreely blog.

Maybe I could add something to my Nginx configuration? At the moment, I am using the very same one provided in the installation instructions and the SSL certificate directives added by Certbot.

Hi @everton137 please let me know if you solve this - I suspect I have the same issue re hosting a Write Freely on a subdomain of a Fediverse account domain:

In my case, it’s on a Yuohost server - I have Pleroma installed on a primary domain, and Write Freely installed on a subdomain

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Hi, @foxyloxy. I haven’t had time to inspect my logs and try to find the reason I cannot follow from my own Mastodon instance. But I tried to do it now, and simply, I was able to follow my blog!

If I check the list of profiles I am following, now I can see my blog:
before I wasn’t and the status always returned to a pending request.

On the admin panel of Mastodon, it’s possible to check federation requests for a particular domain (Preferences → Moderation → Federation → enter your own domain), and it was always failing. Now I checked it and there is no failure:

I have made just one single change to my Nginx configuration by adding proxy_ssl_verify off; inside location /. I did this based on this Apache directive someone posted here.

Furthermore, I think I will need to delete my actual blog and start fresh. I started my instance with multiple blogs for testing purposes. I’ve changed WriteFreely settings to a single blog, but now it has two blogs. And if I send a post draft to the wrong blog, I just lose this blog post.

I am still not sure if I will use WriteFreely or try to set up a static blog solution using ActivityPub. I really liked WriteFreely, but maybe I want a solution where people can add comments (preferably with a profile on the Fediverse ; ).

P. S. I made a toot asking people to test if they can follow my blog. One person confirmed. Now I see there are 5 people following my (prototype) blog, but I cannot see on trivial ways who they are.

I tried to check the profiles following me by accessing the remoteusers table and I could see my 5 followers. One thing I noticed different when checking the remoteuserkeys is that my account @me@eza.link does not have a public key listed on this table. I will read Mastodon documentation about it and check if I need to do something on my own Mastodon server. Or if, by having the blog on a subdomain, it wasn’t possible to fetch the public key.