How do I change my billing method?

I’d like to change the PayPal account that’s used to renew my subscription. How do I do that please?

In the billing section, it just gives me an option to cancel my current subscription, not to change the payment method.


Hey, our PayPal support is pretty limited, so we’ll just need to handle this manually. I’ve reset your account, so now if you go to your PayPal billing page, you should be able to subscribe again.

Since you just recently renewed, we can go ahead and issue a partial refund for the prorated amount once you get everything switched over.

Greetings @matt,

My query is similar so maybe it is better not to open new threads and add it here.

A few weeks ago (January 14th) I renewed my plan and I found that, although I updated my email address in some time ago, the payment confirmation through Stripe arrived to an old email address that I have almost stopped using and I have no option to change it.

I was looking to see if I could change the payment method and saw that it was possible, by contacting you, to change it to PayPal.

I sent you an email to request it the same day but I have had no answer and I am not sure if it is because I sent it from the old email address where I received the payment confirmation.

Seeing that it must be done manually, would it be possible that you allow me to change the payment method to be able to make it from PayPal?

Thank you very much!

Hi @matt,

Thank you very much for replying to the email. I just read it and now I will reply to it but from the email I currently use (in and this forum) to unify the conversation and forget the old address.

Thank you very much for updating the Stripe information and giving me the opportunity to change the payment method to PayPal.