Font flickers on page load


I used another user’s suggestion for how to inject custom web fonts into my site. I’ve since removed that CSS and JS but my website still behaves like it’s there.

I’ve cleared my browser’s cache and cookies but no help (also tried incognito in Firefox).

I’d like to go back to original fonts. My site is


Edit: This also happens to all base pages e.g. the dashboard.

Edit2: Also with No other non-Write As sites though.

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Update: It’s still flickering. One font loads when the page initially shows, then another after 5 seconds.

I don’t have any custom JS or CSS that should be bringing in fonts. Thoughts?

It sounds like the fonts are not loading quickly enough, and my browser’s default fonts are rendering.

I thought the fonts were supposed to be stored on the first load?

They should indeed be cached after first loading… Are you sure your browser’s cache isn’t disabled?

Either way, we might be able to change how the font loads so it doesn’t flicker when first loading.

So I had cache enabled but I did disable cache delete on quit of FF. For some reason this seemed to fix it. I would have expected though that it would save at least for the same session.


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