Federation not working

I’ve recently installed WriteFreely via Yunohost - v0.13.1~ynh3 GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/writefreely_ynh: WriteFreely is a beautifully pared-down blogging platform that's simple on the surface, yet powerful underneath for YunoHost

All seems to work, except for Federation - my WriteFreely identity is not findable from my main Fediverse account, which is on a Pleroma instance.

Federation appears to be enabled in the Admin setting for Write Freely:

Here’s what my actual blog setting look like:

And here’s what the API shows me at https://blog.foxylo.xyz/api/nodeinfo

And here’s a snip from my WriteFreely logs: hastebin

Any help to sort out Federation for this new blog instance will be warmly appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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Based on those logs, I’m not seeing any lookup requests from your Pleroma instance. Could you try searching the blog from there and sharing the logs around that event (if any)? That should tell you whether it’s reaching your WriteFreely instance or not.

I just tested from my Mastodon account, and was able to find and follow your blog. So this could possibly be an issue with Pleroma, or with your Pleroma instance if it has your blog data cached somehow.

Thanks for checking on this matt, and for confirming that the blog account is accessible from external fediverse accounts.

I suspect I might have the same issue as reported by @everton137 - I cannot follow my blog if I use it as the subdomain of my Mastodon server

My Write Freely blog is hosted at blog.foxylo.xyz and my fediverse account is at a Pleroma installed at foxylo.xyz