Suggesting a thing that’s pretty standard around the Fediverse: show replies to an article as a comment section.

Also, add an option to enable/disable them, globally or on a singular article.

It would be nice to have this feature.


i think it is must have because it means if someone comment the publication you’ve pushed on the fediverse you can’t see it nor reply to it.

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Actually, if you follow your blog from the fediverse, you can open up the post in Mastodon / Pleroma and respond to any replies from your Mastodon/Pleroma account. But yes, this would be good to have – see the thread.

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Globally I don’t use comments…

I like the idea that commenting is a separate instance/service like the project. Something like the relation between and

And I like also the idea that, if necessary, i can discuss with somebody from my Mastodon account, or from an other federated service.

For me & Write Freely must remain focused on publishing, minimalism and federation. Not become an heavy CMS project.


Oh I’ve not seen your product It looks like something totally independant and not related to the Fediverse account ?

I was thinking something more integrated like the publication. As we have an account on Fediverse, mine is if someone comments on my publication it sounds to me logical to see it on side at the bottom of the post. And be able as the user to reply to it from

Using separate account looks strange to me. When I activate Fediverse on my account sends something on it but there is no possibility to see answers and replies to what have been sent if we don’t follow the discussion from elsewhere ?

Comment could be a settings disable by default which required Fediverse to be checked.

Agreed, and I’m going to make sure it maintains this focus.

The goal is to make it an independent product that works on its own, but also integrates with, like does.

With the integration, it would simply add a commenting interface, and the necessary API endpoints / ActivityPub handlers to process incoming comments. These would directly become a part of your blog, so your handle in the fediverse would stay the same – it’s just that now, you’d actually receive comments and be able to reply.


Oh nice, so it means it’ll do what I requested :slight_smile:

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For those of us that don’t use Mastadon or anything similar I’d like to see something like this added. Is this planned in the near future? I’d like to interact with my posts and audience.


Thanks, that’s good to know.

We don’t have a solid timeline yet, but we’d like to build it this year. As I mention in the official thread for this planned add-on, we’re hoping to see more demand for this feature before we start building it out:

We just have to prioritize it among our other big features and general strategy, and right now other functionality is more pressing for us. But please feel free to add a vote and / or comment on that thread.


To expand a bit on this, I think it’s weird to federate with ActivityPub but ignore comments (“replies”). Being able to comment on someone else’s post using a Mastodon instance might be sufficient, but if the author doesn’t get notified of those comments then the workflow is broken.

Whether or not comments are shown under the post, at the very least if the WriteFreely server is accepting replies and displaying to other ActivityPub clients, the author should be notified in some way too. People posting replies expect this to be the case (with any ActivityPub server really).


Totally agree @remram44! We are trying to work towards a more integrated solution. The next step towards this is in the upcoming WriteFreely release with ActivityPub mentions. This means that you can now insert @handle@their.instance in a blog post to mention a user on Mastodon or any other ActivityPub account.

With this you can mention your own personal Mastodon account in your blog posts (could be a recurring footer for instance). That way you’ll receive notifications on that account when someone replies to your blog post. It’s a step towards making it easier for authors to get notified when someone replies to their blog posts.

If you want, you can try out the release candidate for the upcoming WF release to try this functionality out. Would be curious what you think!


Hi–is this feature coming to

Just a reply to let you know I used this feature and it works perfectly.

Actually, I combined 2 features: ActivityPub Mentions + Post Signatures : this way, I can add a mention to my own Mastodon account in the footer of each of my posts.
Then, when someone replies to one of my posts on Mastodon, I am automatically notified on my Mastodon account, and I can reply directly. Great for interacting with readers!

Many thanks to you !


To me it is so weird to have a service using ActivityPub push but being completely unable to handle pulls.
AP seems to be just natural to have a feedback/comment section, people would tag the address (which would never arrive), also people reading posts on AP are inclined to reply (DM), which also will not arrive ever.
It seems also weird to create yet another comment service while AP is there.

To me it was the first observation that “oh wow, this integrates with AP, cool” and later came the “uh, this isn’t integration it’s just blindly pushing”. :frowning_face:

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