Can't register an account


I’ve tried to register for an account. I entered my info and hit submit and was directed to an anonymous screen, no account. I thought I had done something wrong, so I went back and tried again, and I got this message “We’ve detected abusive activity on your IP address”.

I tried the same thing from my phone on 5G and had the exact same issue :slight_smile:

Can you help?

Hi, just sent you a private message!

I’ve been having this exact issue. Every time I try to register for an account I get redirected to an anonymous writing screen with no account. I did also get the abusive activity message after trying to register a couple of times.

What email address domain are you using to sign up? (It’s the part that comes after the @ symbol, e.g.

Thanks. It looks like that domain accidentally got put on our blocklist – I’ve just fixed that. I’ll send you instructions privately for creating an account now.

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That fixed it, thanks!

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