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I searched and can’t find how to add an image on the home page, ideally in a way so that it appears as thumbnail “branding” throughout on sub pages. Could someone please point me to what I’m missing?

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The image is this one, though it should be smaller:

Per @matt post, Add a logo to your blog title, I tried this:

#blog-title a {
background: transparent url(‘’) no-repeat bottom left;
padding-left: 42px;

However, nothing changed. Is my image too big, and I need to size it down? What have I got wrong?

Try changing the url for the image to ''.

Thanks, @dino. I tired it. Unfortunately it doesn’t show up.

What’s the url to your site? I need to see what the custom css looks like.

Deacon, the image is too big. When I tried playing around with the CSS to try to get the image to show up, I could only get it to display the bottom part of the seal. Try to resize it to something with a height of say 50px and try again.

Or try this CSS to get the look below. This only resizes the image in CSS, so not ideal. It’s better to use a smaller image from the start.

#blog-title a {
    background: transparent url('') no-repeat bottom left;
        background-size: auto;
    padding-left: 58px;
    background-size: 52px;

Thank you, @dino . Progress! Grin. I’ve sized the image as 45px high, but mine is cut off at the top and shows a square outline for some reason, doesn’t look as good as your resized one. Any ideas on that?

The border that shows up is because of the white background of the image itself. Though I’m not sure why with pure CSS changes, it didn’t exhibit the same behavior.

Anyway, I got the original image, removed the background in and saved it as a PNG. Use this one and see if it works better:


Right click the image I shared above and save it to your local, then you can upload it to your own account.

Wow. Thank you, @dino ! It looks great, though I’m still doing something wrong as the top has a crew cut. Sardonic grin. I am grateful for all your help.

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You are welcome.

It’s looking fine to me right now.

Good to know. Mayhap mine will clear out next time I clear my cache.

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