Blank edit page

I’m unable to edit some of my blog posts. When I open them, I can read them normally (whether logged in or not), but I click on “edit” (either from the list of posts or from inside the post itself), only the title of the blog post is displayed and nothing else is there.

This is only the case for some blog posts. For others, editing works just fine. I’ve tried from several web browsers and the same thing happens.

Please help!

Sounds like you’re using the Rich Text editor, and you might have some HTML in your posts. If that’s the case, try switching to the Plain Text editor from the “w” menu in the top-left corner to edit your post. Unfortunately, for now, the Rich Text editor does this when there is custom HTML in a post.

Thank you, yes, that was the reason. It’s all fixed now!

As a side note, I’d love to remove all the HTML from my posts and only use the Rich Text editor, which would only require this small change :slight_smile: I hope it’s something that can make it to the roadmap!