Billing Issue while upgrading to Pro

Has anyone faced an issue while upgrading to Pro where the billing fails with the reason Payment for this subscription requires additional user action before it can be completed successfully? Apparently, most users from Europe (and Asia?) should see this issue. I have reached out to help, but with no response.

I worry my trial period is about to end, and I may lose all the Pro settings I have done (custom domain, for example).

Perhaps this is related:

Thank you @PaoloAmoroso. But I don’t think that’s the issue. My payment fails and doesn’t go through. So I am even unable to upgrade to Pro.

And what I was worried about has happened - my blog is unpublished now. This experience was so frustrating – I didn’t expect the basic functionality of payments to break while upgrading. Plus, at this point, I have no clue how to ask for support now. Anyway, there’s nothing much I can do.

Here you can ask for support by tagging @support and other options are available here.

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Sorry for this issue, it’s true we don’t support cards that require the extra verification step right now.

It’s the weekend so I don’t normally do support, but I went ahead and extended your trial for another week so any blog on a custom domain can stay online. Then I’ll take a look at how we can set you up with a paid account this week.

Thank you, @matt. I have also sent you an email regarding the same. Let me know if you need any input or help from my side.

I wasn’t aware that there’s no support on the weekend. I would have planned the upgrade better.

No problem. I just sent a manual invoice via Stripe, our payment processor, that should work with your card (it may take an hour to arrive). Once you pay that, you should automatically be upgraded. Please let me know if you still have any trouble!

Thank you @matt. However, I see you have raised a monthly invoice. I want to pay annually. Would it possible for you to raise an invoice for the annual plan?

Sure thing, just sent that!

Great! Done. Thank you @matt for sorting this out :+1:t4:

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Awesome. Thanks for your patience with this!