Adding a footer with links to pages


So I’m tweaking my Write.As blog to make it more friendly for new & existing readers.

As such, I’d like to create a bar in the footer (kinda like the bar at the top with pinned posts), which looks like ‘about | start here | popular posts’ or something like that.

I’ve seen @matt sharing how to insert a ‘back to top’ button, but would someone mind sharing the simplest way for me to add these footer links? (whether that’s CSS/Javascript or code in the ‘Post Signature’)

I’m thinking to have this footer text on my blog either slightly about the ‘published with’ text, or even replacing that text entirely if that’s possible (and if Matt isn’t too offended at that prospect!)…

Thank you! This non-techie is grateful for this community :slight_smile:

You can do it by using JavaScript to replace the footer contents. You can see a sample here.

/* Custom Footer*/
var customFooterHTML = 'Put your custom html in here';
var x = document.querySelector('footer').getElementsByTagName('nav')[0];
x.innerHTML = customFooterHTML;
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Thank you, Dino, I’ll give this a go.

Coincidentally, I was looking at the themes page earlier… I really like the look of your journal theme.

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Thank you.

The themes website has an older version of the theme on my website. If you wanted to take a peek at the current one, all you really have to do is go to the homepage on my website, then right click and select “View Page Source”. The custom CSS I use will show up at the end of the <head> element in the html.

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Ah, I hadn’t noticed. Thanks Dino, this is handy to know.

You are welcome.

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