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I’ve been thinking of ways to add a “Featured Post” feature on my sites. This is the easiest idea to implement. Using the Javascript for providing a link to a Random post, you can use the same approach to adding a Featured Post link to your site. You control what post to feature by simply changing the link in your custom Javascript. It will look something like this:


First create a placeholder post and pin it on your homepage. I created a post titled “:notes: Featured Song :notes:”. Then here is the custom Javascript that I use on my site:

/* Featured Song Link */
var a = document.querySelector('a[href=""]');
if (a) {
  a.setAttribute('href', '');
  a.setAttribute('title', 'Featured song for this month');
var b = document.querySelector('a[href="/now-listening-to/featured-song"]');
if (b) {
  b.setAttribute('href', '');
  b.setAttribute('title', 'Featured song for this month');
var c = document.querySelector('a[href=""]');
if (c) {
  c.setAttribute('href', '');
  c.setAttribute('title', 'Featured song for this month');

Just remember to change the link to something else every month or every week, or however often you want to.

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