Accepting Donations


Curious if there might be interest in setting up a way for writers to accept donations using a solution such as BitPay and offering it as a Pro feature.


So far I’ve mostly been interested in letting writers charge subscription fees, and potentially tying it into perks like getting updates via email (a la Substack). There are a few reasons for this:

  • Anecdotally, I think subscriptions could provide more reliable income for writers than one-time donations. For donations / tips to work well, there needs to be social pressure to do so, and that’s difficult to do online.
  • Larger publications might find it useful (like the ones Medium booted last year)
  • It’s unique and fits our niche – like “Patreon for writers”

Still, one-time donations and BitPay integration aren’t off the table. I’d love to hear what everyone else thinks about this, as well.


Makes sense. That would be great!

There have been a bunch of Patreon alternatives popping up over the past couple of years that came into momentary prominence due to the Sargon deplatforming and subsequent exodus of creators who value freedom of speech including Harris, Rubin, and Peterson.

There are several that are only facilitating crypto payments, which, of course, scares off the normies. I think SubscribeStar has a good balance. They accept both fiat and crypto. After being dropped by PayPal (and possibly Stripe?) they use a payment processor that (I’m guessing) usually works with porn sites.

Gab, another highly censored site, went with a processor dealing with firearms sales:
And, one of the crypto processors for bitcoin.

So, if you are open to accepting controversial writers, and want to be censorship-proof, you’d have to go with either a porn or firearms payment processor for fiat. And, hook up a crypto payments as an additional option.

Perhaps also consider accepting Monero so people can subscribe privately and nobody can trace it.