About i18n on WriteFreely

I only saw one post mentioning i18n support, and it’s also for write.as only. Just setting up a WriteFreely instance for Chinese so I went with my own way of translating it at https://github.com/laosb/writefreely-iw/tree/iw-o.

Does WriteFreely have any plan to go i18n?

Hi there – thanks for sharing your work! WriteFreely currently does i18n with our web-core package. (This was only limited to Write.as when it was closed-source.) Any help or suggestions you can offer in that area would be much appreciated!

Thank you for your reply. Actually I’ve submitted a PR to improve Chinese translation there.

A problem I could see is that, it doesn’t cover many strings. It seems that my unfinished version of translation contained more strings than it. I don’t know a lot of Golang, So in my fork I went with i18next with a plugin loc-i18next to make a frontend-only translation. If you think this acceptable, I would try to make it a PR, but I can also help expand the coverage and do the Chinese translation.