A broad subject (for frequent W.a users)

Hey, hello. I do not work for W.a, but I saw a post by Matt about a possible W.a v.2, and I wrote a quick blog post about it, but want to know what other W.a users want on/with the service? I was going to make this a d.w.a post about having a notification tray (which I think was mentioned here before), but then thought that people can/should just “idea dump” their best ideas in this thread in terms of future (hypothetical) features :slight_smile:

So, I think these would be really good:

  • a notification tray (that doesn’t involve going into “stats”) that doesn’t have PUSH notifications, per se, but just there for when you wanna hover over them/it and see new e-mail subscribers, or maybe Mastodon followers, or comments

  • and speaking of comments, I def wanna see Remark.as come about. It would be cool. But I am patient

  • built-in photo uploader. So instead of going to snap.as, copy/pasting a S.a URL into W.a editor, just being able to “add photo” at the top (of a W.a post) would be a nice feature

That’s all I have for now. Anyone else have good ideas?


My only suggestion is (in the dashboard/settings area) I would like to be able to scroll through a list of blog post titles so I can hit an edit/move/delete button on them without scrolling through full posts on my main page.


Similarly, but perhaps more widely useful, some way to see just titles for posts. Not just for all posts, but for any subset I can currently display, such as “all posts tagged with ‘photography’” perhaps by appending /titles/ to a URL like https://write.as/davepolaschek/tag:photography


If a version 2.0 is going to be considered for the Blog format, these would be my top requests in no specific order:

  • Built-in comments – I feel like once you give users this feature, then the community will start to grow even more. Yes, we did the comments thing on the read.write.as feed, but really, that’s not ideal. Give readers an easier way to comment and they will. I currently use Hyvor Talk on my journal, but really it’s because I got lucky with the Free Plan and got tired of waiting for Remark.as to be ready.

  • A customizable static home page – Having an option to direct users to specific posts when they arrive on my site would be great. This would allow me to curate posts and showcase them to readers, instead of just the default view of whatever was the latest published post.

  • Support for Categories – Write.as has great support for Tags, but not Categories. Micro.blog has great support for Categories but not Tags. WordPress has both Categories and Tags, but I don’t like the bloat that it comes with. Can I have a platform that supports both but is not WordPress? :slight_smile: I just really want Write.as to have support for Categories. In fact, I’ve wanted this feature since Day One of using Write.as. I’ve worked around it by creating a standard for how I title my posts, but really, support for Categories would be awesome. If the Write.as Markdown editor and blazing performance wasn’t that good, I would probably be using WordPress right now.

Lastly, looking back at what I wrote, maybe that’s too much changes for Write.as. Maybe you guys should create a new product, Blog.as.